Sunday, October 19, 2014

Monday Bites: If You Are Tired of London, You Are Tired of Eating

Seriously, chicos y chicas.......

You could just gorge yourself from dawn to dusk on REALLY GOOD STUFF

in London these days.  (Are you reminded that pink food is kinda my specialty - I am only slightly exaggerating).

Delicious food, of of every type, size and description.

Remember the Duke of York's Square Saturday market?  That I posted about here?  Yes, still going strong with so many heroic and talented vendors.  With a dream......(of feeding me and you - Great!)

I did not eat a single bit of any of the things I've shown you here.  Though I would have been very happy to try to.  (If someone else was paying for my extra seat and weight on the plane ride home!)

Because, "HOW TO DECIDE?!!!!"

I was actually on the look-out for the Moroccan vendor, who sadly has disappeared from this market.  Along with my cake baker from the Pimlico Road Market.  (Guys where are you???? Come back to me!)

And so I plumped for fresh handmade nems - minced pork and mango with cilantro in tender rice wrappers.  (Sorry no pictures, too busy eating!)  

The Paradis crew passed on the champagne, too.  (I know, too sad, you'd think we didn't want to really live!)

Wow, it took some time for someone to do the very obvious at a market.  It IS London after all.  (Yeah I'm talking about the fish and chip stall.)

Hey, Bon Appetit!  What's for lunch?  How was your weekend?  Did you eat anything good?

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  1. that cherry turkish delight.... that would SO tempt me...
    what market were you one for the delight, i think i'll need to visit that place....