Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Once Upon a Time.......

I woke up about this morning at about 5:30

worrying about.....the story I have to submit tonight.....

 the paintings I have to finish today.  The tiles I might have to wait till the New Year for.

And when I opened the computer I realized, not so many pictures taken this summer!  But here are a few.  Yes, once upon a time....this past summer.  It seems rather far away now.  

Since we are nearly in NOVEMBER !!!!!  YIKES!  Christmas next I guess.  (Really!?  Are you any more ready than I am?)


  1. It happens every year, doesn't it? No one thinks of slowing things down somehow. But I see good things are afoot and that gives a tingle of nervous energy. Thanks for sharing with us evn in this state!

  2. Mlle. Paradis, you might enjoy checking out the piece on Rene Burri on the Phaidon website because of M. Burri's connection to Henri Cartier-Bresson.

  3. I mean, when you have time, after all of the other things you need to do!