Sunday, November 2, 2014

Why Have I Not Been Posting?

Here's why:

It's almost killed me, but it's almost DONE!

I can't say enough good things about my carpenter and how well designed (and comfortable) Luytens benches are!  Mr. Paradis is threatening to turn this into a napping conservatory or secret beer-drinking shed.

How was your weekend?!!!!  It rained on Halloween in L.A.!  We needed it!


  1. J'adore !!! Tu as beaucoup travaillé mais le résultat est super, bravo ! Que vas-tu faire dans cette si jolie cabane ? La sieste, lire, peindre, rêver.......? ;)

  2. C'est génial !! Cela a dû te demander un travail fou ! Bravo ! C'est superbe !

  3. Congrats -- and move over Sir Paul ! It is a real gem. The inner studs have a nice movement - somehow I think of piano keys.
    You would tell us if it rotated, wouldn't you?!

  4. all those years, years, years of virtual inspiration walls in your life, and now you'll be able to turn your most wanted scene into reality! it is going to be fun, claudia! n♥