Saturday, November 22, 2014

They're Missing: Inaction (UPS)

UPS picked them up last Friday.

The only computer record that they are prepared to share with me

shows that my Tracking Number was scanned in the early a.m. of 11/20/14 by someone/something in the Hollywood depot.  The record doesn't show my name and address.  Or that of the person I was sending them too.  I spent three hours at the depot on that day trying to get the paintings back.  Once, IF, they ever leave L.A. who knows what will happen to them and if anyone will care?

UPS are telling me they "can't find" my paintings.  I have the clear impression from them that they don't believe that it is cost effective to make an effort to do so.  If I am lucky they will honor my claim for losses.  I'm not optimistic.

What would you do?   And what would you tell the people who were supposed to buy them?


  1. This is a nightmare, but Do Not Give Up. Badger them, ask to speak to superiors...
    How could there possibly be no names?

  2. Oh, c'est vraiment pénible ça ! J'espère franchement qu'ils vont retrouver tes superbes peintures.
    J'adore la seconde !

  3. Oh, this is very distressing news! I very much hope your beautiful paintings turn up soon... and if UPS cannot present you with your paintings then they surely have no choice but to honour your claim!! My fingers (and toes) are firmly crossed that they are safely returned to you (or delivered to the intended recipient) ASAP!

  4. tragic... cannot believe... what did you do in the end. I cannot imagine!! And such wonderful work my friend!!!