Monday, December 8, 2014

Mojave, Not Vegas

From vast emptiness

to something not quite -

Dirt Bikers? (above)

Dirt Sailors?  It's a place of the unexpected.

Like, for example, this restaurant of plenty and of personality:

the Mad Greek, Baker, CA

Which you kind of need.  On your 4-hour journey from L.A. to Vegas.

Or more so even

on your 8-hour return journey back!  On Thanksgiving Weekend.

  In the rain.  The Paradis family will skip the Thanksgiving part next time.


  1. Ces paysages désertiques sont magnifiques et tellement typiques... j'espère les voir de mes propres yeux, un jour... :)

  2. Oh man, I'm going to miss these desertscapes! Traffic from Vegas to LA, not so much.

  3. :). i've enjoyed the scenery with you though. thxs, and very american, it feels. n♥