Friday, December 12, 2014

You Have A Voice - What Are You Going to Do With It?

Is it a good thing or a bad thing?  Most of these pictures

(New York anti-police violence march, via USUncut)

 (L.A. Garner/Brown/Racism protests)

 (India - Bhopal protest)

"Week in Pictures"

 (Hong Kong - Democracy protesters)

They come from all around the Globe.

 (Grand Central Station, NYC - Garner/Brown/Racism protests)

Depending on which side of an issue you are on

 (Mexican protests - Missing students)

these are people exercising their human and civil rights.  To others, they are "Enemies of the State".

 (U.S.: Garner/Brown/Racism/Police Brutality protests)

It's hard to say that any of these people have achieved gains by their actions.  So far.

 (Hong Kong Democracy protests)

Should they continue to bother?

 (France - Anti-Development protest)

What would you go out into the streets to defend?

(London - Loss of Affordable Housing Protest)

 (NYC - Garner/Brown/Racism/Police Brutality Protests also below)

What would be your slogan?

A very loved cousin un-friended me on Facebook last weekend.  He also doesn't want to talk to me anymore.  Ever.  He says that I obviously hate everything that he stands for.  If what people believe or endorse is diametrically opposed to what you believe, does that make you enemies for life?  Should you stay silent about your beliefs because you don't want to offend people you love?

I don't think so.  Life is messy, isn't it?  At what point does disagreement become war?  I don't want to know.  But more and more people are finding out.  It's a terrible truth.

It's nearly Christmas.  Wishing you a peaceful Holiday Season.  xoxoxo 


  1. Life is messy. And so hard. When ideologies come into play, passions run so high. I've lost close friends and family as well, simply because they couldn't handle me believing differently than them. And you're right, it's OK. I'm not a rude or pushy person, but I will not give up my right to think and believe what seems right to me. I'm glad you stayed strong too. xo

  2. Je crois que l'on doit toujours essayer d'échanger, même avec ses ennemis... et que la liberté reste une des plus belles choses à défendre, même si ce combat ne plait pas à tous... (auquel cas, il faut aussi écouter les arguments "contre")... mettre un peu l'harmonie dans le chaos... cela reste un but à atteindre.

  3. i agree, life is messy. i struggle often. we're coming out into the streets for justice from the government here, for equal taxes, so the poor don't get poorer. but liberal right wing is not interested. i think we often do not see the thin line between disagreement and war and i think war can happen anywhere, sometimes it is only a matter of time. and demagoguery. and it is scary. n♥

  4. Tu as raison de croire en tes idées et de vouloir discuter et échanger avec ceux qui ne pensent pas comme toi. C'est comme cela que les choses avancent.

  5. Fabulous post mp!

    I can't remember the german man who wrote the famous statement about WWII when he said he'd said and done nothing when they came for the jews, and then when they came for the next in line and then for the catholics... and then they came for him and who was there to protest about that.

    Sadly too many people think all the current problems are just going to disappear and dont signify something bigger .. You have to speak you truth and one day this person may or will return... people often do when there was something good there before!

    One can feels a little panicky, unwell or just sad at these partings... a feeling it could have gone differently... but its a way for people to sometimes understand ... in the silence of the parting of ways.