Sunday, April 12, 2015

Camden Passage, Islington

This is still

what most non-Londoners

first think of

when you say


Now there are more

"up to date" boutiques like "Hexagone" (specializing in all things French).

But the "fripes" at Annie's

 (and the unbearable whiteness

 of being)

still rule at Camden Passage.

Now you know where the costumers

and set-dressers come for little details and inspiration...for all those gorgeous English costume dramas.*

Yes, you can take a break for frozen yogurt

and pick up dinner at a hipster fish monger's

But the low, or no overhead, vendors remain with their books and bric-a-brac.

Between the daily bread purveyors

and the natty head surveyors.  Bobo Islington

still retains the whiff of Downton* days.

Even if the toffs have traded their topcoats and tails

for buckskin and fringe.

At Camden Passage the past will live on.  And tea-time will always be NOW.


  1. I've never been here before, but there are so many interesting things to look at. :-)

  2. wouahh quelle belle promenade, superbe post! ♥

  3. this is a fairytale in itself, miss. loving the details you spy... n♥