Thursday, April 16, 2015

Moving Miniatures

Sometimes a theme develops.

 (Photo by Artemis at Junkaholique)

Stars align.

 (handmade by hand in the traditional Chinese way presumably, by Paris' Petit Pan)

Great minds think alike.  That sort of thing.

As Nadine at Tiny Woolf* recently pointed out to me, Artemis at Junkaholique and I covered some of the same ground in London this past month.  Artemis got to Clifton Nurseries before me.  She cadged the tin caravan at a South Bank boot sale (methinks).  Me, I have saved Clifton Nurseries pics for you for later.  And I cadged pictures only of a little boat and an emergency van.  (The originals of which I encountered at the Conran Shop and in Camden Passage in Islington.  Pics 2 and 3 respectively.)  I think though, that all three share in common a very appealing simplicity of form and refreshing graphic qualities.  SO NICE!  I JUST HAD TO SHARE!

Yes, I'm giving you just another idea of some cool things you could become an avid collector of!  No need to thank me.  I know.  I get it.  

Anybody else have samples of similar miniatures?  Send me a pic and I'll add it/them to the post!  Wouldn't that be fun?  We could make a virtual-visual-cyber-collection.  I know, I know, someone's probably doing it already on Pinterest.  But wouldn't we rather be different and a bit retrograde?

*(So nice to have lunch with her in London!  We were enjoying chattering/eating together so much we forgot to take a picture!  I promise you, it was a happy lunch.)



  1. i just happened to wake up early, and leafing through blogposts.. what do i find here? a gente reminder of our meetup. i'm so glad it pleased you just as much! photo will indeed be for next time. i'm also happy artemis makes you smile and instigates a very personal and lovable retrograde. i love that word, i do! have a very pleasant weekend, dears. cheerio, n♥

  2. Il reste quelques "petites voitures" de mon enfance... parmi elles, un scooter des neiges est celui qui m'a fait le plus rêver... Merci pour ces images, qui roulent comme des machines à remonter le temps !

  3. Merci pour tous ces jolis liens que tu proposes et que je visite toujours avec beaucoup de plaisir. très bon WE