Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Country Living Fair - March 2015, Part One of Three

I would have to say emphatically YES!  If you're planing a trip to England.....

why not plan it around the time of a Country Living (UK) Fair?

If you only have a little time to spend and think you'd enjoy a snapshot of U.K. life

and British tastes (beyond Burberry, in other words) a Country Living Fair is A SURE THING.

As much, methinks, as a zip around Liberty's which I have, in the past, been known to characterize as "HEAVEN FOR GIRLS".  (There are fewer stairs here at the Country Living Fair.)

The Country Living Fair will likely be HEAVEN for your tummy

if not your waistline

and ground ZERO for sourcing all

that the country lifestyle requires.  Whether you live in the country or

just like taking picnics out to it.  (with Toto, too!?)

The Country Living Spring Fair could set you up with sausages for that picnic.

Scarves in case of that brisk breeze blowing up.

Proper decoys for your picnic cloth

to frighten away marauding moochers.

Cuddly toys for any of the little ones you might like to picnic with.

And of course.....DESSERT!  ("Biscuits and pudding" if you want to be properly British.)

There are experts at the Country Living Fair, who will happily argue amongst themselves about the best way to rid your garden of annoying slugs.  (Have you EVER known any gardeners who actually agree on much?  I haven't!)

Did you expect yes, beautiful shoes at the Country Living Fair?  (No?  Neither was I!)  But you'll be having a little walk after your picnic, won't you?

Have you noticed I'm not really a committed shopping blogger but - beautiful arty dresses for walking in-style?  For this outfit, I can make an exception.

I was dying for this dress, and everyone else had their eyes and hands all over the necklace with the polkadot bobbles (that was made especially for the dress, I was told).

Have I shown you enough to get you interested?  Well come back soon because there WILL be Parts Two and Three.

Yes.  The Country Living Spring Fair was a bit of a shopper's extravaganza!  You'll see what I mean.