Sunday, May 17, 2015

Another Sunday Bonus Post Since I'm Such a Bad Blogger Lately

A Mexican Wedding - sorry, don't remember where I found this.

Gateaux Tropeziennes at Bottega Louie last weekend in L.A
(and here and here and here in Passage Paradis)

Illustrations by Ana Pez which I think I found in the Guardian's Arts section (via the Bologna Children's Book Fair - I can't find the link but here's a good post about it by Charlene Chua I'd love to go to it!)

A gorgeous clutch handbag, the result of a collaboration between Lulu Guinness and Rob Ryan so cool, huh?

An artichoke harvest from my garden a couple weeks ago.  LIFE IS GOOD!

Hope you all have had a LOVELY WEEKeND.  

And that you have much good to look forward to in the week ahead. xoxo


  1. Just love those Mexican wedding photos. :-) How beautiful! And your artichoke haul is inspiring. :-)

  2. Un mariage mexicain, des tropéziennes à la crème si tentante et des artichauts du jardin... un vrai plaisir...!

  3. wow! those artichokes. we cannot ever buy such beauties locally and you cut them like that from your premises??!! awesome! n♥