Saturday, May 30, 2015

The Last Week in May 2015

I had a lovely, varied week, I must say.  How about you?

Found some fun things on the web, too.  These first two images, not so sure where from.

the partial underwater shot via the Guardian UK I think (tho' I can't find the exact photo gallery sorry!)

These amazing photos of the old shipyards in Chatham, Kent, England

come from

Just about as cool are these vintage Los Angeles streetcars being retrofitted with hydrogen and solar technology.  Via the LA Times.

thought this little vignette by Camilla Engman was so charming.  I do have a fascination with miniatures, have you noticed?

We lost a photography giant this week:  Mary Ellen Mark

someone I know posted this on Facebook.  One commenter said it all:  "notice the turned in left leg".

Finally, some wall art from our L.A. walk last week.  So in keeping with the above snarky sentiment, I'll skip my usual weekend signoff.  Instead, I'll just say:  See you soon!

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  1. i read that pentreath article too.
    nice to find those wooden beauties here again, as a little reminder.
    another place to visit, when over this way...