Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Bueno! Barcelona! Bar Pinotxo!

OK.  So we drove over the mountains from France to Barcelona.  That was the easy part.

When we arrived in Barcelona:  pouring rain.  So what was our strategy?

We walked straight to the Boqueria, under cover of umbrellas and dancing between the raindrops. 

It didn't take us very long AT ALL

to decide that the two stools at PinotxoPinotxo (click for more info)! had our names on them.

I've spent two days only EVER in Spain, and only an afternoon in Barcelona.

But I will stick my neck out and tell you authoritatively that Pinotxo is THE REAL DEAL!

The NICEST people, starting with Juanito - on both sides of the counter.  Gorgeous food.

It is a very HAPPY PLACE!


  1. Looks wonderful! I like food in Spain - but more in Catalonia - but usually only for a few days. Then I get frustrated about not having enough fruits and veggies which I'd expect in sunny Spain, but don't find easily. I wonder where they hide all the fresh produce. Am I not going to the right places? I've been about 5 times and haven't found what I was looking for food -wise. (Could that be a happy you in pic no.1?)

  2. I know Elizabeth - we need "Likes" and Emojis over here at blogger!

    Gesbi: I know what you mean about needing vegetables after a few days. This food was very simple except for the chickpeas that were more exotic. We ate from the "pescado" menu. I had friends who went to Spain and got tired off the olive oil on everything. What I did not say in this post was that this was the perfect food for the perfect rainy time and the seafood was at seriously peak freshness. So rare and that's what I meant by gorgeous and happy.

    Bises to both!

  3. p.s., no not me in the pics but nice try!