Friday, October 23, 2015

Mouni Feddag - I Have to Share! Fun, Witty Illustration

And can I mention color?

I found her on another arty blog - sorry!

can't remember exactly which one.  (Doesn't the picture above crack you up?)

I love the watery translucenies here and layering of "washes".  This has a kind of vintage look.

The hand is light in the image making but the "narration" is kind of cheeky and in your face.

Is this a sad, funny, or happy pic?  What do you think?

A fierceness here, no?


Again, sad?  Lovely, scary?  Love the ambiguity.  Mouni Feddag, website here.

Have a great weekend everybody!!!!


  1. j'aime beaucoup cette illustratrice, je sens que je vais la mettre sur mon blog.Gros bisous ma chère, et bon week end à toi!

  2. Great find! Very comtempo yet there's a 50s and a 60s look at times = very appealling to me!