Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Ceret, C'est Sur, Part Two

Oh good!  I needed that this morning:  I'd already uploaded most of these pictures for my

artsy post, Ceret Part Two.

So yes, a town that takes art seriously - and maybe more in the sober "making" sense -

than in the touristy "buying" sense which you see a little too often in some "holiday" towns.

I do like the sobriety of Ceret - and the water in the gutters, its subtle sound and smell, in the quiet of the afternoon.

I like how it's a bit "serieux" about art.  And not commercial and touristy.  I've always wanted to live in a community like this.  Where you do your work in the morning, alone in the peace of your studio....

and a little later pop out for some quick shopping for a new moustiquaire, (mosquito stripping to hang in your doors and windows) for a coffee, a cigarette, a chat, and maybe a little lunch with your other pretty "serieux" artist-and-writer friends.......and then head back to a quiet studio all refreshed and soothed

by either your lunch or the beautiful things you encountered on your way to or from....

We usually spend our French holidays in "Gites".  This one looked appealing but I haven't tracked it down yet on the website.

Sometimes a friend or an acquaintance will have a show.


the artist could be you......and yes, more cigarettes and wine for the occasion.
(No I'm not actually encouraging cigarettes.  Remember, this is a fantasy!)

The sign says "Truffiere Protege - Access Interdit" ("Truffle Zone - No Entry").   Fantasy could become reality though, right?

If I got just the right dog or piggy.  With the appropriate "license de saison" (I'm making up that "French" too!)

Ah oui - la vie douce.  But then......YES.  My fantasy would include serious art/photo shows like the following.  Which was actually taking place in Perpignan, about an hour away.  (Because I don't like to be too shielded from the world.  I think it's my responsibility to know what's going on, and incorporate it into my life and into my art.)

An exhibit of photo-journalists' photos, including some of Syrian devastation that we are NOT seeing in America.

A quote from de Saint Exupery has meant a lot to me this past year:  "What may not be seen is what is the essential", or, 

“And now here is my secret, a very simple secret: It is only with the heart that one can see rightly; what is essential is invisible to the eye.” 

(The movie was apparently "beautiful, funny and moving".  Anyone see it?  Not me.)

"Je suis Charlie" was visible in Ceret.  I liked that.  See what I mean?  Serieux.

'Nuff said?

p.s. - Glad you all liked Mouni Feddag.  Serious can be funny too, or seriously funny yes?

En fait, c'est comme ca, la vie!  N'est-ce pas?   Hope it's a good week so far - xoxo


  1. Lovely images of a delightful place. :-)

  2. When do you move?
    Touched by your notice of Je suis Charlie. Yes, they are still around.