Saturday, September 26, 2009

....and no I DON'T

have to garden now, because beauty is all around me.  Some in wild profusion, some in perfect well-tended vignettes. These are plantings on Abbott Kinney Blvd., in Venice.


  1. There you are ! happy to find you with all your very many facets!

    I was on Abbot Kinney just days ago. My sister lives there. I love the canals.

  2. Hi Corine! Thanks for visiting. And leaving all the nice comments. Yes I love the canals too, nice contrast to LA desert. I also think The Necklace is a devastating story. Makes a big impression when you're young. I think I might have more to say about it soon. Looking forward to your next post. I'll say it again: love LOVE the psychedelic crochet post.