Thursday, September 24, 2009

A Paradise Kind of Living

OK so I am not such  YOUNG person anymore, but can you believe it, I have only spent one birthday in my life that I can RECALL, where I was able to wear a sleeveless dress.  The rest of my (November) birthday's have been spent freezing my tushy off, which made me very grouchy.

Now.....NOW....after far too long in the Northeast cold, I am living a new kind of paradise.  And if I decide to drive to Las Vegas I can spend my next birthday ALSO in a sleeveless dress (because last birthday in LA it rained).  Meanwhile here is my inspiration for this blog, for this new passage in my life.  MY NEW BACK YARD.

For years in the GREATER METROPOLITAN AREA (of NYC) I never had a lawn to lie down on. I had to garden frantically to have something beautiful to look at.  I DID NOT HAVE PALM TREES OR MORNING GLORIES.  Now........

...roses in my neighbor's yard - in April!!!!!!

OK so who cares if a raccoon is living in that palm!

  A paradise of grass.  Even my chairs are happy.

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  1. Si I missed your birthday?

    Lovely pictures, especially the first one which looks like Giverny. I despise the Valley. It's 100 degrees there today.