Monday, September 14, 2009

A New NYC; The High Line and..........

I was lucky enough to spend a few days in NYC this summer where there are all sorts of wonderful new buildings!  A lovely blogger-you-should-know at:

recently blogged about the new Standard Hotel straddling the just opened High Line Park.  The hotel is a very striking (in NY) sixties-style sort of winged slab amongst 19th century brick warehouses.  I also visited the High Line but did not take a photo of the hotel, the light was not QUITE right.  The website: features real time views of and from the hotel.  Much better pics than mine would have been.  A very twinkly-glam perspective on that part of Manhattan.

The Standard is causing a huge sensation less for it's new/old architectural statement than for the goings-on in it's all-too-visible-from-the-Highline windows.  Anderson Cooper was commenting on this the other day, in terms of the very sexy and none-too-modest social interactions being exhibited there.  Cover your childrens' eyes Dears!   So no photos of any of that either.

I DID take photos of these new structures (almost) ready for one's visual delectation from the comforts of a HighLine perch:

CLOSE UP: on the Mondrian-ey patterned surfaces at the right and misty melty Hundertwasser-y play of modules and stripes on the left.

It is way past time NY!  The last time lower mid-town had such exciting architecture was in the late  '90's-early noughts when the Architectonica building went up near 8th Avenue and 42nd St.  Anyway, again, help me out if you know anything more about these buildings.   BELOW: A very imaginative use of lower cost plug-in architectural elements to create an exciting cityscape.

Everybody has their own version of Paradise.  For many New Yorkers, whatever their era, New York is "PERFECT JUST THE WAY IT IS".  Here's a new paradise for a new generation of New Yorkers.

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