Saturday, March 20, 2010

Giant Birkin Bag - Could be My Kind of Paradise............

And OK I don't normally do this either but (it is Saturday, we have our feet up on the sofa etc etc etc) my first ambition in life was fashion designer (OK Illustrator.)  And I don't really like beige.  Or pink AND beige.  Was anyone paying attention to my previous post.......?  The greige......ummmm probably.....

BUT if they made Birkin bags big enough to live in, I WOULD TOTALLY DO THAT!  And if not pre-fab Hermes housing I would settle for this geant accessorie de genie.  (That bright orangey red thing on the bottom right as if you could miss it!) And as for this Rudi Gernreich meets late '70's filmy Rosie Vela and big belt structured '80's Hermes headscarf fashion fantasmagoria..........

Oh, OK!  Again!

If this IS all HERMES, I STILL needs me some!

Stoled - from Pia at  the Thinking Tank who seems to think it has something to do with W magazine.  OK off to the newsagents!  Ta-RA!

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  1. I"m totally with you. I love Hermés, and I love me a HUUUUUUGE bag. The combo? Heaven.