Monday, March 1, 2010


Hello to all!  Happy March!  Hope everybody had a good weekend despite MORE snow, earthquakes and tsunamis. Feeling terrible for Chile.  Hope we all can rally and help them all out without taking our eyes off of Haiti too.  I hope to post more about this later on in the week.  Meanwhile had a really great weekend celebrating a birthday with loved ones.  What about you?

In L.A. it's going to be truly spring weather this week with temps in the mid-60's.  It is almost the time of the jacarandas here.  Through February we've had narcissus, lantana, bergenia, crabapple blossom, honeysuckle, iris, pyrethrum, icelandic and California poppies, camellias and magnolia blooming. (!!!) Now it's the time of jasmine in profusion (our neighborhood is already swathed in perfume), some early wisteria are showing flowers on their vines, my euphorbia are bustin' out! and california daisies and blue lupines are appearing on the freeway embankments.  It's a DREAM.

Mr. Paradis and I are going to be stay-cationing here all week.  This will mean abbreviated posts and maybe not so many visits to all of you, but I hope to bring you all a little piece of the paradise we capture in the weeks to come and I hope you know I'M THINKING OF YOU.

So have a good one yourselves!  Ahui hou!  ("See you soon" - in Hawaiian.)


  1. Thank you for this blissful, golden, warm photo. How I needed it! :-) Too much darkness and rainy days recently. :-)

  2. Lovely! Yes happy Spring! Here the temperatures are really up already.