Friday, March 12, 2010

I Wish You a Glorious Weekend

Whitstable, 2004

If you could go anywhere in the world this weekend and eat anything you wanted, where and what would it be?  


  1. I would go to Seoul, South Korea and order some dolsot bimbimbap. I haven't had it in so long and it's my favorite.

  2. Both sound great! Noodle soup with lots of vegetables and steak and all the other delicious bits that go with them......Kenza your steak jones sounds serious! You need to buy a ticket!


    Why not?

  4. The photo looks great.
    I would go to Tokyo - have sushi in the fish market, bacon yakitori and others on Piss Alley (unfortunate name I know).
    I would go to Rome and have rabbit salad with truffles up in the hills (sadly forget the name of the restaurant) and then have lamb and artichokes in the Jewish quarter
    I would go to Barcelona and have a grilled seafood platter by the harbour.
    Now I'm really hungry!