Sunday, March 14, 2010

So, How Was It?

We're still taking it a little easy.  Doing some chores around the house.  Mr. Paradis is rummaging and fretting in the kitchen.  (Which he is inclined to do.)  From experience however, I can be confident that in no great amount of time, pizzas that I hope will feature grilled asparagus and mounds of creamy wet burrata will emerge from that same kitchen, and my insides will be SAT-IS-FIED!

Windflower Spa, Mysore

Hope you all had good ones!  We also moved our clocks forward!  Another sign of longer days soon!

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  1. Beautiful! (by the way no mess in making bread at all. do everything in a large bowl. That is what I do and only the bowl to clean! really no mess - I don;t like that either). Have a great week!