Tuesday, September 14, 2010

L.A. - Colorforms in My Hood Part 2

Since we're all about "The Homecoming" at the moment ("la rentree") thought I'd start my first serious blog moment back with a few little colorful houses.  C-o-l-o-r-f-u-l  H-o-u-s-e-s.  If you were to ask me how to describe myself in two words, those two might just be the right ones.  It comes pretty close to where I live.  In every sense of the word. And these pictures ARE my home, my 'hood, which is looking pretty good to me after a summer of passing in and out of the looking glass it seemed, in every possible way.

Of course when you're talking about color at home in this part of the world you are absolutely

talking about Craftsman houses.

And the dialogue between home and surroundings.

Plantings with powerful forms

and vivid colorings. 

Of course, being gray does not mean that you are not colorful.

Especially when you are rocking the pumpkin yellow trim.


  1. Oooh Ahhh I am drooling over this. Love the old craftsman architecture, love the colors, the gardens, and love the love of home... more!

  2. Fantastic neighbourhood MP....would just love to wander around with you having your commentary!
    Welcome back you! Very quick visit this morning... off to some 3 hour forum thingi ...so really looking forward to popping back and reading your other posts...
    thanks for 2 very LOvely comments...!