Monday, September 20, 2010

Old and On the Way

If you know me at all by now

you know that I am an equal opportunity  enthusiast

when it comes to secret places, hidden spaces, the out of the way and the off the beaten track.

These are right in "the West End" of Central London.

(Can you believe these photos were taken on a Verizon phone?)

I am never disappointed by the quiet places and the slow lane.


  1. That is why cities are often best seen on foot!

  2. Hey Missy, The shag rug started as a light blue, the same color as the header picture. Regarding the coyotes,they drop down this time of year for water as well as food. We had one on our driveway at 9:00 in the morning, can you believe right off of Melrose, you should have seen the neighbors. I now have a camera and you don't, this is all wrong!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks for the comments and following, I still want my pastries!

  3. Mary - that's what I mean!

    Kevin - So glad to hear you are now "carrying". Time to make plans and plot a project! Pastries included.

  4. I love those places too, Paradis. :-) So much. :-)