Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Pub Love London - The Brown Dog

Oops!  I did it again.

Yes.  I did.  I had just been to Paris in July, and what did I do?

As soon as Jury Duty was over, I turned around and got right back on a plane!

There is a "life-story" behind all of this (well several) dear Readers.  But this is not the moment.

This is the moment instead, to put yourself in my place, on a late, light, summer evening

sharing, by candlelight, with your loved one, mashed beet and smoked mackerel on toast with horseradish (yes it IS yummy, and it's true, we do seem to eat alot of pink things, don't we?)

and good old fashioned roast beef with yorkshire pudding

somewhere tucked into a quiet leafy neighborhood (in this case, Barnes, South London)

And just remind yourself: Life is Good!  Your table is Waiting.  Cheers!


  1. Lucky girl!! I was in LA this summer and loved it.

    BTW, do you still want to do corner view? Either way is fine, no worries. Jane and I are updating the list, it has gotten long. Please let me know. Thanks Theresa

  2. looks wonderful ! How lucky to be back in London! The photos are so atmospheric ... and love your choice of pub and neighborhood ... the south bank is very unloved & there is so much going on there ... Cheers!

  3. Oh to travel like that - such fun!

    ...and then there is the architecture and interiors of places abroad...don't get me started ;^)

    I am taking the last line to heart. I need to hear things like that right now...thanks x

  4. Oh yes! life is sweet! not sure about the mash beet though...
    Many kisses!

  5. Your blog is like travel. Thank you!

  6. It does look wonderful! I like the lights above the fireplace mantle, and the glass vase with lemons and limes on the bar. I just checked out their website and spent a few minutes perusing their Christmas 2010 menu, which looks fantastic...

  7. Oh I am so glad I found a little moment of time to pop in and see what posts I may have missed at P.Paradis.
    I am virtually banned in my family from cooking beetroot because I find it such a delight to add to the plate - I got my own back by slipping it onto the 80th party menu and watching everyone dive on it when they had a choice....45 people loved my roasted beetroot with yoghurt and dill side-dish!!! food...go for it baby. I also adore horseradish!
    London yes... like that too!
    what a great venue...and Im with janis... its good to kep in mind ... life is good and the table is waiting!
    S xo

  8. 6.5 years in London and I've never been to South Barnes. Beetroot and mackeral are two ingredients that will always remind me of my time in London. Never ate so much of either in my entire life!

  9. I want to go to the BROWN DOG this afternoon!
    If only I didn't have this stupid cold :(
    Lovely nice rustic table settings..
    Not sure about the pinkie stuff...