Thursday, September 16, 2010

Weekend Quick Pic and Delayed Corner View - Seven

Seven Things I have to Tell You About Nature, Human and The Other Kind

1.  October is THE season for intensive gardening in Southern California.  In general, fall is the time for planting and for starting your seeds so that you can over-winter young plants in a gentle, nurturing climate neither too stressingly hot, nor cold, with the rains from time to time to keep them ticking over in a semi-dormant state till Spring.  Which, in case you've noticed, arrives in January.  (Yaaaaaaaaaaay!   I'll say it again, that's why I moved here.)  This year I am really trying to integrate that into my life and with fingers crossed, because it's seems already that I am too much away from home in October when I should be planting and primping seedlings.  I'll try to share in the near term with you some of the seeds I've started.  I'm also going to try to plant a mat of vari-colored sedum next to my garage.

2.  Now.  Can ya believe it?   I STILL don't have a camera.  Hopefully one will have landed inside my gate sometime today via Ebay.   You will have to take "landed" very literally because despite my little pleading notes taped here and there around my "property", and at least one grievous case of breakage and associated meltdown on my part, the delivery guys still find it WAY too satisfying to hear that resounding "plop" once they've slung a cardboard box of SIZE across the top of my pickets.

Now you know.  More camera talk later.

3.  There was a coyote on my deck last Friday.  Not five feet from me, where I stood in my sunroom.  He took a dump on my deck and when I knocked on the window, opened it, and authoritatively told him to "Better get going Buddy. NOW!!!!"  Off he leapt back into my neighbors' rose bushes.  From whence he had presumably come.  WHAT WOULD YOU DO?  If you had a coyote on your deck.

4.  When I went to the City of Los Angeles Website to find the Department with whom I could consult about said coyote - (see "3.", above) - I typed (of course) "coyote" into the search window.  And what did the website find for me? The Department of "Human Trafficking".  I do know what kind of world we live in.  But that makes me scratch my head.  What about you?  How many more human, vs. four-legged, coyotes do you think there are in L.A.?

5.  I put some groovy wallpaper up in my bedroom while I was on Blog-Hiatus.

6.  I made a groovy bedskirt to cover my sinfully ugly box springs this summer.  I will show you both 5. and 6.  Later, when I get a camera again.  

7.  (Wow.  We got to Seven quick.)  Yesterday.  Sitting in the sunroom, because it IS, the sunniest room.  I saw a grown lady hawk wrestling (she with her beak, he with his wits and much wriggling) with a young squirrel on my electrical wires.  Not eight feet away!  Me.  Now standing in my sunroom.

The young squirrel got away.  (Whew, not looking forward to the carnage, was I?)  While the hawk, befuddled, swinging a little up and down on the wires, and noticing that I had noticed her, wondered what to do next. Once again opening the window, and authoritatively pressing my harmonica to my lips......(I don't have a police whistle or airgun yet, as recommended by my newfound coyote consultant at the City of Los Angeles).....I sounded a few notes of what can only be describe as "alerts".  They were too feeble to be anything else.  The ladyhawk considered a little longer, and little Mr. Squirrel saw his moment and sprinted off across to the avocado tree.  Well, nothing doing now I guess!  I was still standing there and there were so many obstacles between the electric wires and the avocado tree, me not the least among them.  So the ladyhawk lifted her wings and in a flash, was spreading them fast and disappearingly across my neighbors' roof and the hills beyond.  Did she have babies?  Was she terribly hungry?  Or is she young, too, and practicing?  Why is this the second time in two weeks that she has appeared in my yard?

So that's seven things.

And what conclusion can we draw from what I have just shared with you?  HEY!  I NEED a new camera!!!!  To capture all of this.

So listen all, have a great weekend.  I'm going to the Hollywood Bowl again to see Calexico and Ozomatli.  Cause that's L.A. baby!  (Click the Links to listen.)



  1. Lucky you to se Calexico! I can't get over the fact that you had a harmonica close at hand. I'm trying to think what sort of noise maker is near my door and all I can come up with is either a brass bell or a spoon and a plate.

    Now I want a harmonica!

  2. I love all your crazy animal stories!! :-) Hope your camera arrives safe and sound very soon. :-)

  3. Animal whisperer you!
    Luring these creatures to your pad!!!
    Cant wait to see the groovy wallpaper and the plantings and critter visitors on our new camera... may it arrive in one piece!
    I'll say a little prayer for its safe delivery so we can get to see more pics!
    S xo thats a good song - 'say a little prayer'!

  4. This post cracked me up.
    What name does Jane have you listed under? :) T