Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Back to the LA County Museum of Art

I like this museum better every time I go.

and so do other people, it seems.  It's very relaxed.

It's wide open and welcoming.

It had an unfinished feeling before that's beginning to be less so.  With the new Resnick Pavilion and Broad extension.

And how many museums that you know have their own herb gardens?

It is bridging the gap between it's native constituencies and the rest of the art world.

And is good at bringing in art lovers of every age.  (Isn't this room lovely for kids art classes?)

It's unusual.  You'll be both charmed and bemused by the Japanese Art Pavilion.  A little bit Guggenheim NY meets tea house via Star Trek.  (Only in LA, right?)

You might not be able to tear yourself away from the Stark Bar and its pizzas.

Alexander Girard dolls - LOVE!

The gift shop has been recently redone.  It's small, so you'll actually go see the art, instead of spending your whole day shopping there.  But if you're like me, you'll still find something you'll want to take home.

Next post on LACMA:  The Galleries!  Come back soon!


  1. seeing this reminds me of the hornimann in london, i don't know why. it was a crowded school day and all when i was last there, but the feeling... yeah.

  2. Superbe, cela me donne envie d'une visite... bonne journée...!

  3. j'adore aussi les poupées d'Alexander Girard, graphiques et drôles !!

  4. What a lovely spot! So bright and airy and spacious. I would like it very much. :-)