Wednesday, July 4, 2012

A Foggy Fourth

We're having a foggy Fourth of July in L.A. so far.  How is it by you?

I've been so busy with such a mix of things, but I hope to post some new "original" Mlle P. stuff for you soon.

Till then, hope you like these v. summery pics

from the inspired and inspiring Hula Seventy blog here.  Go there now to check out a fun road trip.

Happy Fourth of July!


  1. lovely pictures and colors! and I'm curious to see what you found! warm greetings from Paris!

  2. Oui, j'attends aussi avec curiosité.... et merci pour le lien encore une très jolie balade sur le net...! Bonne journée

  3. Oh oui j'adore ces photos! Contente que tu sois de retour sur ton blog, j'espere que tes projets avancent bien!
    Feels like autumn around here... :)

  4. such brilliant colours and image and posts and I've been missing out ...not realising that there was activity over here!

    Back soon when I'm not running out the door...

  5. hula seventy! that's been a while.
    on the net, like anywhere else, you gain some, lose some...