Sunday, July 22, 2012

Oh, OK. Eataly - NYC

So I did refer to Eataly before here.  In a flippant and offhand way.  But really, I was just having a laugh.  Because if you love food (like me)

or even were just the average reasonable person,  (who enjoys chickpea and swiss chard ragout with polenta and gently roasted cauliflowers with anchovies and chunky breadcrumbs on a bed of fregola)

why WOULDN'T you want Eataly?  In your own back yard?

(or asparagus sauteed with thyme and shallots spread on ricotta and toast)

It's true, as the reviews will tell you.  It's like Grand Central Station at rush hour.

But it's a Grand Central Station of FOOD!!!!  Impeccably fresh and varied ITALIAN food.  So if NYC just happens to be your back yard this week, don't think about it, JUST GO!  

And Eataly, when you make it to L.A., I promise never to diss you again.  Not even in jest!   

(Hot tip: you'll have the best chance of getting a seat and eating interesting food if you choose the "Vegetable/Verdura" restaurant.  Alternatively, and if you're an exceedingly cool person, you will have booked ahead for a table at the rooftop "Birreria".  Salut!) 


  1. Yum - that asparagus/toast thing sounds delicious (as do all the other things you mention... but without the anchovies :)
    I'm disappointed I didn't know about Eataly when I was visiting NYC a couple of years ago!

  2. The asparagus is delicious S. - and super easy, I've already made it a couple of times here at home. For more on Eataly, here's a link to an article that was in the NY Times last week. They just opened one in Rome - which might be a bit closer for you:

    How's the new little guy?

  3. Wow! What a wondrous place to eat. :-) This is one place I'd like to work my way through the entire menu, trying every single dish. :-)

  4. Hi there! I keep meaning to go now that we are in NYC! Let me know when you come and we will get together.