Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Italian Food Week - Alchemy with Peaches

Apparently, it's turning into Italian food week at Passage Paradis.

And oh yes!  It's still peach season in Los Angeles.

They are at their juicy and voluptuous peak.  Could they be the sexiest fruit around?

I wanted to make a pie over the weekend, but Mr. P. thought that we should grill them - he wanted to save me some trouble.  (i.e., he couldn't wait for pastry to be prepared!)

We found a recipe in the River Cafe Cookbook.  (More on this soon.)  First our lovely peaches were grilled face down to get a light caramel-y crust on their open sides.  And a little bit of charring.

Then we popped them into a baking dish and drizzled them with our version: mix of creme de cassis, warmed-and-stirred red currant jelly, vanilla and just a little more sugar. (Their version had Amaretto.) Back to the recipe, we let them roast 10-20 more minutes in the oven.  And then.........voila!  

Mr. P. prefers them with a side of vanilla ice cream.  (This was his second helping.)  And the blueberries just happened to be in the frig.  Moi, I've been eating them for two days with crepes.

Ah summer!  Don't go away again too soon please!


  1. Délice des yeux qui, comme l'expression le dit si bien, met l'eau à la bouche !!

    Yummy ;))

  2. ce dessert aux pêches m'a l'air tout à fait délicieux, hmmmm!
    merci de tes gentils petits mots, oui oui, ça se passe bien avec mes locataires d'été, ils ont tous des histoires à raconter, c'est le soir sur la terrasse, autour de petits apéritifs que je leur prépare, qu'ils racontent des morceaux de leur vie, ils me disent combien cela leur fait du bien de se retrouver en pleine nature,il fait chaud chez nous ce soir, il fait 35°.... nous n'avons guère l'habitude mais cela fait du bien.Bisous chère miss, béa

  3. Oh how lovely!! It's still winter here in Oz so no fresh peaches yet. But summer is only a few short months away and I CANNOT WAIT!!! :-) This looks delicious. :-)