Tuesday, April 16, 2013

A Little Lovely Vintage

Been meaning to post these for some time.

Since it's a new season - thought a fresh waft of color might be just the thing.

It's easy especially in winter to go a little all-sepia when it comes to vintage.

or that sophisticated mid-century natural/neutral.

But you know me, even if we're going a little Victorian dove-y grey I still like to see snaps of Alexander Girard COL-AH!

 (I thought this was Paula Mills via Design Sponge also the photo with the red sofa)

If you're a follower of the decorating blogs you will have seen Paula Mills' house before.  (But I don't think it's possible to have had enough of her light-but-certain touch.)  You'll recognize that fireplace in the next-to-last photo.  Paula is actually an illustrator and you might have encountered her blog, Sweet William.  (Click the Paula Mills link above.)

I have l-u-u-v-v-e-d those Ikea bookshelves since for-EVER.  And now even better with a lick of turquoise paint and a bodacious red lantern alongside!

See what I mean?  What looks new to me these day is the background of neutrals with that POP of delirious color to lighten up the place.  Soooooooo welcoming.

And speaking of welcomes........Oh Hello Friend in Fullerton, CA is obviously a place I need to get myself to.  Now that it's spring and time for a breath of fresh air.   I'll let you know how the visit goes!  (Meanwhile here's what Yelpers are telling you about it.) 


  1. i've just woken up and i'm hugging my cuppa for all sorts of reasons, but here now is the perfect antidote to gloom. i've gleamed at every picture, and now i'm heading on over to your added links (thank you). and help! i've not seen paula mills house before. something tells me we're gonn fall in love with vintage, 2013 style. i'm ready.

  2. Très joli lieu plein de couleur qui donnent du peps pour toute la journée...! xoxo

  3. Thanks for the visit, and the charm and inspiration :)

  4. Des ambiances qui donnent envie de s'asseoir et sourire... béatement, en buvant tranquillement un bon café ;)

  5. Moi aussi j'adore tous ces intérieurs colorés ! Bonne journée à toi :)