Sunday, April 14, 2013

The Way Things Are Looking......

I love April in L.A.  (I hope some of the rest of you are getting a little bit of sunshine finally.)

It's never possible to forget that this is the town and specifically the neighborhood

that gave birth to Walt Disney, to Hollywood......

Sometimes you have to wonder what really came first.

There is so much life and color, wonder and fantasy.

From the clowns

to the Classics.

In a Land of Make Believe

the sky isn't EVEN the limit.


  1. Love the smiling house in the second photo!

    And yes, I do remember how LA has a sense of humor - definitely. Love it. You can never get bored looking at the details there :^)

  2. C'est beau le printemps à L.A. ! je regarde d'autant plus que mon fils y est en ce moment ;)))

  3. L.A. is indeed a very colorful city, it feels like a place where the sun's always shining and dreams come true.

  4. so want to visit one day!

    Just loved visiting our last 6 posts. WHere have I been... sure missing the fun over here I can Say!

  5. that friendly houses's face in image #2!
    thxs for the LA updating that you come back to every so often. we'll get there.
    eventually, we'll get there...