Monday, April 22, 2013

Get On Yer Bikes!!!!! It's Earth Day 2013!

In a little salute to Mother Earth

and as a preview to my further post

about our Sunday ride to the L.A.'s CicLAvia........

Can I remind you how lovely bikes are?  (When it's not raining, of course!)

When was the last time you were on one?

Come back later this week for more bikes.  Until then,  PEACE OUT!!!!!!


  1. Love this mlle p... hoping to find a new home by a city bike path! SPent a month up north in the tropics on residency with a pushbike to get around town and it was magic... !

  2. J'aime tes photos de vélos (surtout la 3 et 4), elles sont sympas. Vivement la suite :)

  3. le ciel au dessus de la mer est d'un bleu si lumineux que l'on a envie de si allonger juste au dessous, les yeux grands ouverts...C'est la fête de la terre mère aujourdh'ui
    je me demande s'il existe une fête de toutes les mers?

  4. it's too long time ago I was on a bike. It was when I lived in flat Copenhageng. I would love to have a bike again even though the mountain roads here are quite tough I think :)

  5. i recently put the bike in the living room, for lack of space in hall way. must look into bicycle storage inside the house. oh, i've been browsing... there's possibilities, yes...