Thursday, April 18, 2013

Life Is Sweet - Thank You Steve

Something lovely thru the post last week came.....

A thoughtful someone sent goodies, from the old 'hood, Hoboken.

From Giorgio's, a real proper old school Italian bakery.  I wish I had pictures of it for you.  Seriously, it's like it has been airlifted in from mid-20th-century Italy.  At least that's how it was when I left Hobloke in 2005.

We ate these delicious almond-ey pignoli cookies with some lemon-mascarpone ice cream (yes, sorry I should have smoothed out the divots for this pic and made them swirly) that we made from the following recipe:  Meyer Mascarpone Ice Cream (simplicity manifest! - found here)

Combine equal quantity mascarpone (we used 2 8-oz tubs) and simple sugar syrup (1:1). Beat with electric beater until very smooth. Chill thoroughly (overnight is good). Next day, churn in ice cream machine. When almost done, add half cup Meyer lemon juice.

They were a PERFECT match.  No really, you have to try it!  (Dreamy!!!!!!)  

Best part of this story?   Lovely friend Steve, a soft-spoken ginger-haired Brit with a longstanding day job, got tired of waiting on line in front of Giorgio's at the Christmas holidays.  So he offered to help serve!!!!   His offer was accepted.  And today he's "part of the family".  So what is the only thing we can say about this story besides "Life is Sweet"?

Give a big shoutout to Steve and say:  "HEY PAESAN - NOW THAT'S ITALIAN!!!!"

Hope you all find a sweet weekend wherever you are........Tante Bacie!


  1. Your ginger-haired friend sounds like a gem. Sweet tale... molti baci!

  2. Miam, quelle superbe cadeau... je salive derrière mon écran... bon WE

  3. What a sweet man! And such scrumptious goodies...Viva Italia! :)

  4. Comme ça donne faim cette glace et ces petits sablés aux pignons!!!
    Ce week end sera dans le jardin, le ciel est bleu, il fait chaud! comme c'est bon...
    Passe un bon week end chère Miss , Mille bises, Béa

  5. the steve story tops it up, miss!
    hee hee. et bon appétit, because this is looking mouth wateringly good...

  6. Life is sweet... esp when I pop by here!

  7. what a nice story ... and those goodies look really good :)