Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Descanso Gardens - In L.A. We are Spoilt for Choice

We have three desert gardens in L.A.  The Huntington, The L.A. Arboretum,

This one is Descanso Gardens.

It is especially known for its Camellias in Spring.

I was able to buy some delicious fraises des bois plants here.

There are naturalistic wildlife habitats.

And a Japanese Garden.

With a very full koi pond.

California redwoods of course.

In summer, it's all about the California desert.

Moody walks over crunchy pine needles and brush.

Friendly and hungry little critters.

Places for you to top up your tummy too!  It's nice and quiet too!  Spoiled we are.

How's that for a nice sunny distraction from the holidays!!!????  Hope your preparations are going well.


  1. C'est beau ! J'adore tout particulièrement les photos d'arbres, j'aimerais me promener là et respirer le parfum des végétaux...

  2. Beautiful photos, especially the Japanese Garden... and, of course, I love the critters :)

  3. moody walks, as in moody?
    but all that wood looks terrific....