Sunday, November 17, 2013

More Echo Park, Maybe? i.e., Part Two

It's not what you think.

But I think it's O.K. to think what you'd like.  

This is the hip-ironic-jokey retail storefront for Dave Eggers' community "non-profit writing and tutoring center" also known as 826LA.....aka......Echo Park Time Travel Mart.  For youngsters from the neighborhood.

This little stretch of Sunset Blvd. will help deepen your understanding of the neighborhood's

mashup of culture

and even, it's DNA.  Have I mentioned that luminaries from Jackson Pollock to Art Pepper, Marilyn Horne to Frank Zappa have variously made their homes here?

And then there's....... Two Boots pizza from the West Village in NYC?

So yes, sometimes it's o.k. to think that hipster Angelenos are just a bunch of transplanted NY'ers looking for better weather and cheaper rent.  And a Brite Spot (apparently they have GREAT PIE!) from which to put the finishing touches on their art conceptualizations or groundbreaking screenplays.

But you would be equally within your rights to imagine that some Angelenos are actually FROM HERE.  And have been here for a very very long time.

No wait, but I did say "Mashup".  Here in Echo Park, do not be surprised to find Vietnamese restaurants.

Locavore restaurants like Red Hill.

Old school corner liquor stores for all your home entertaining needs.

Fashion trends just waiting to be renewed.

Shopping options open all hours.

Space to express yourself, and room to rest.

Remember this post, about Sunset Beer?  Or Echo Park, Part One?

In Echo Park, they're doing their level best to KEEP IT IN THE 'HOOD.  "Keepin' it local......"

Whatever that might mean.  Today.  Yesterday.  Or Tomorrow.


  1. What a fascinating neighborhood! A writer's group was definitely NOT what I was expecting. :-)

  2. Tu me donnes des envies de couleur... Vivre dans une ville pleine de jolie couleur, loin du gris parisien... !

  3. Awesome little summary on Echo Park!

  4. would love to wander...
    and have a slice of pizza on the sidewalk, and chat like crazy, perhaps?