Tuesday, November 26, 2013

India House, Santa Barbara and HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!!!

I forgot about these photos.

from our trip last summer through Santa Barbara.  We had dinner at this place.

It's called India House.  The decor is irresistible, isn't it?  And yes, you can sit on the floor on a pile of cushions to eat.  (Shoe removal mandatory!)  They offer a delicious, fresh, flavorful buffet.  The owner is a big happy genie of a man who presides over the entrance and the buffet and the Chef is almost equally as happy after his substantial kitchen labors.

It's extremely affordable.  And I just have to say, if someone put a gun to my head, I could not succeed in putting together this dizzy delicious assemblage of colors.

 But it makes me extremely cheerful that someone else did!

There is a small shop at the back where you can buy many of the things you see in these pictures.

(Note to self:  Remember to go back!!!!!!) 

Meanwhile, for those who have plans, I hope your Thanksgiving is wonderful and possibly restful.  For the rest of you, there is plenty to be thankful for, so have a big lovely dinner anyway whoever and wherever you are!  And hug your loved ones tight!


  1. will try and what a good idea.
    for us, europeans, i have to say, thanksgiving does escape us.
    a bit of a shame, because i like its principle.
    a happy to you all, then, too!

  2. Cet endroit est magnifique, plein de couleur et de gaité. je ne sais pas si l'on trouve ce genre d'endroit à Paris... mais c'est l'idéal pour changer du gris parisien... les photos des petites japonaises sous la neige sont magnifiques... ! bonne fin de journée

  3. I'd love to eat in this beautiful place! .... maybe one day ...... :)

  4. would love to see the food ...wonder if it is as beautiful and colorful as the decor. Happy Thanksgiving to you. Kind of wish this was celebrated in Europe and that Christmas was dropped :)

  5. The colors and patterns are absolutely glorious! :-) How inspiring. :-)

  6. Ce lieu a l'air vraiment genial! Happy Thanksgiving!!