Wednesday, November 6, 2013

El Dia de Los Muertos - Pure Delight!

Some highlights for you


L.A.'s Day of the Dead festivities last Saturday at Hollywood Forever Cemetery.

I wasn't sure quite what to expect.  But it was lovely.

And still definitely a family affair.  Respectful, because we were often walking across someone's

grave!  Though organizers try to mostly route you around them.

Which can turn into a bit of a slow shuffle where the crowds get bottlenecked.

A friend from Sonoma County remarked that EVERY day is a "Day of the Dead" if you are a fan, of The Grateful Dead, I mean. (Can you see Jerry Garcia in there?)  Guess this guy was one.

Yes, as is part of the very old tradition, family members put together elaborate shrines to their loved ones.

There is a contest for "Best Shrine"

There is music.  There is dancing.

The Ballet Hispanico Folklorico of East Covina were a marvel.

It was a glorious evening!

Everybody was made

very very welcome.  You could be too.


  1. i love, love, love those painted faces. aren't they just awesome. it'd be an experience and a half if i ever saw these for real. .. n♥

  2. what an evening ... so colorful :) were you dressed up and painted too ?

  3. Wonderful, vibrant colours! And, like ♥ w o o l f ♥, I love the painted skull faces (also, that little kid's skeleton suit... shoes 'n all!)

  4. My daughter and husband were painted up like this for our private Halloween celebration, but were much less colorful. And the Ballet Folklorico - I have fond memories of the from my trips to Mexico as a child...sweet kisses and castanets!

  5. Wow !!! Impressionnant ! ça devait être une très belle fête, j'adore toutes ces couleurs !

  6. One day I want to celebrate this day, just like this!