Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Did You Want to Eat in Soho? (London?)

Where Berwick, Beak, Broadwick and Lexington Streets run together, you'll be spoilt for choice.

What is it you fancy eating?

How would you like to start?

Fresh shellfish and champagne?

Good Call!

Or is it tea and cakes you're after?

in a moody modern

fusion setting?

Berwick St. is still the home of a famous fruit and veg market.  And now it has food trucks.  Of course it's London, so they're smaller than the ones you might be used to.

As are the actual restaurants.  Which might explain

why there are soooo many of these teeny cosy ones

all on the same couple of streets.

This was one (Andrew Edmunds above) was closed through the Christmas hols when we went to track it down.  But it gets rave reviews.

Spanish style tapas bars have taken London

 by storm.

The gastro wine bars are going strong - especially good for special events, I guess.

And Polpo?  Molto popular!  See if you can get in!
(Then tell me about it!)



  1. Oh my lands! That seafood looks absolutely divine. :-)

  2. Tapas et fruits de mer ! Parfait ! Je suis partant !