Tuesday, June 10, 2014

When France Came to the Conran Shop

A litte leftover from my Spring trip to Blighty......

We wandered into the Conran Shop after a game of tennis and what a nice surprise:

In celebration of the Patisserie des Reves (some of their lovely ladies, above) arriving in London

The Conran Shop was having a "French Monday Night" with goodies, free champagne

and a lot of French flavors

including these yes, CHOCOLATE vintage irons and espresso pots

splatter platters (actually they're Italian but they look very Cote Sud, don't they?)

old French cars - the Conran Shop IS housed in the old Michelin building -

stocked and stacked with French niceties.  We had our usual poke around to see what was new.

I thought this table setting had a very French vibe.  (C'est a dire bleu-blanc-rouge.)

(And in another direction entirely - who knew that Hundi lamps were back!?)

Couldn't resist these blossoms with the blue in the background.  I'm sure SOMEWHERE in France looks like this at least once a year.

The bicycles, too, are Italian I guess, but we just won't tell anybody, shall we?  I see myself toodling through the Tuileries on one of them.  In a striped top and Repetto ballet slippers.  With a ribbon in my hair......nice dream, huh?

Anyway shall we just say:  VIVE LA FRANCE!!!! and VIVE LE CONRAN SHOP!!!!!! and leave it at that?

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  1. C'est amusant !!! ;) Cette vieille voiture grise (la 2CV) est typique ! Quand j'étais petite, il y en avait encore beaucoup à la campagne....maintenant c'est rare !

  2. C'est assez amusant de voir que l'image de la France passe par celle d'objets anciens, quelque peu désuets ;))) mai, en y vivant, on s'en rend compte... l'expression "vieille France" a toujours une réalité ! Jolie série en tous les cas !

  3. Fantastic photos! I would love to shop there. :-)

  4. Merci au Coran shop de rendre hommage à notre jolie pays...! :-)