Sunday, June 22, 2014

Elsa Mora - Impossibly Beautiful Papercuts

She's in L.A.

I should get a hold of her

I think she could teach me things I would love

to learn.

She does all sorts of things - illustration, photography


multi-media sculptures, hand made books.

It's the paper cutting I love best.

It's the Magic Realism of:  Elsa Mora

How was your longest day?  Did you celebrate it?


  1. J'aime beaucoup ! Merci pour cette découverte... et pour le solstice et le début de l'été... je t'invite tout simplement à me rendre visite.

  2. Magnifique.. j'adore la première photo. !

  3. Quel beau travail... j'aimerais apprendre sa technique !

  4. Hello,

    These are simply breathtaking. The detail and quality of workmanship are totally outstanding. As one looks one sees more and more as one investigates every inch of the surface. What a talented artist Elsa is. Thank you for this introduction.

    We are delighted to have stumbled across your most eclectic and visually exciting blog. We are your latest followers.