Sunday, June 1, 2014

Mullins Car Museum, Oxnard CA - Strawberry Fields Forever.....?

Not my usual kind of post but

this blog is about "Paradis" and for certain kinds of persons

(many of the male persuasion)

The Mullin Automotive Museum (in the middle of Oxnard's strawberry fields) could be it!  

So the Paradis family celebrated Father's Day about a month early

(Anyway these cars definitely rate as ART and are endearingly artisanal.)

and had a wander around this place admiring some wonders of

early Modern France and the achievements and impeccable taste of the Italian/Alsatian/French

Bugatti family.

It's a collection which includes some stories of neglect

distress (which I found quite beautiful)

and even some tragedy.

Mostly it was about the excitement of shiny metal

revving engines

vitality, verve and possibly, murderous curves.

It was a grand day out.

We finished up with lunch here in Camarillo, a place mostly known for it's "Discount Designer" outlets.  You might be surprised as I was that a mall restaurant serves almost better and definitely bigger lobster rolls than I've had anywhere in NYC or L.A. and a quite good New England clam chowder (not - too creamy or potato-ey - I am very picky about my seafood.)  Get there quick before it all goes downhill!

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