Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Another New Blog Discovery - Tales of the Nightingale

So yes, I did a lot of vegging out over Christmas

and had a nose around cyberspace

looking for goodies.

This blog, Tales of the Nightingale, is lovely I think.

Andrea, whose blog it is, made the beautiful tart in the first picture.

I think she has a "bellochio" (beautiful eye)!  What do you think?  And I guess, after my holiday in the Savoie, I'm still dreaming of the simple life in the mountains.

Hmmm think I'll go pay her a visit right now!

How is everybody?  Well, I hope!


  1. A simple life in the mountains has always appealed to me too. :-) So glad you found a blog that celebrates a dream of yours!

  2. La tarte magnifique, je croyais que c'était une sculpture... dommage de la manger et merci pour le lien