Monday, January 26, 2015


Is it too early after the holidays to do a post like this?

(Probably L.A. Times)

Is it too early in the week to load up on visual multiplicities?

(Bellochio via SFGirlByBay)

Is your brain ready to embrace all this stuff?

These pics have been accumulating in my files.

And somehow they all seemed to


cluster together and make sense to me, together.

(Becca Stadtlander)

I mean, as an expression of

Medici Fountain, Luxembourg Gardens


(via Mieke Willems and Renilde At Swim Two Birds)

Some people have more of it than others.

Some want more of it than others.  Yes, me, I have ALWAYS wanted a collection of mantilla combs.  

Have you also noticed that it's also possible to enjoy abundance and to amass in a spare and restrained way?

Which would describe you?  A more is MORE type of person, or a ALOT of a little, goes a long way kind of person?    And is it a lot of outdoorsy kinds of things like the top pictures that you would prefer?  Or are you one of those.......magpies.......who wants to stockpile all those lovely things in your nest at home?

(None of the rest of these photos are mine.  Sorry not able to credit them at this time.)


  1. I love to have my things around me, but not in a messy, overcrowded way. The picture at the bottom is perfect - just enough interest, just enough space, just enough breathability. :-)

  2. Please sir, I want MORE. But dealing with it is sometimes tough. I don't have any collection displays of the mantilla comb sort, nothing amassed really, I like a clean look but often have a box or pile of stuff to juggle. Sigh.

  3. I must confess I'm a messy girl... But I don't like living with too much mess around me. So some parts of the house are organized and clean, and others, much less ... in fact, I like both :) I like when there are collection or accumulations sometimes (it makes a nice atmosphere.) but not everywhere otherwise I stifle!
    The last picture is my favorite (and the first one too)!