Sunday, January 18, 2015

Close to Home

These days I don't even want to leave my neighborhood.

(Which is why you're seeing so many OTHER peoples' pics on my blog these days.)

I have a new garden.

Well, I actually have an empty lot to make a garden in.  (We bought the lot next door last year.)

I have succulents that I had been growing on my deck for years

that I plan to plant out.

But I need:  Better soil.  A wheel barrow.  And probably a gardener to help me!

Meanwhile I dream.  And I obsess.  I count the lupines "volunteering" in wet soil from our recent rains.  And I pull at the hundreds of weeds out that are crowding 'round them.

I plot and strategize, while nibbling on potato pie that hubby made us.

I'm trying to decide how much I like this marigold variety.  And I wonder if I should just plant gazanias.   

I don't want to leave home anymore.  I just want to stay here and talk to my flowers:  "GROW GUYS, GROW!"

How was your weekend?  I saw "Selma" last night.  It was a beautiful, graceful account of a very ugly time in American history.  I recommend it!  It is very relevant to the world we live in today because sadly, not enough has changed.  Some people are challenging some of the film's factuality.  Here's a response to that from someone (who I believe to be hero) who survived that time and was a participant in that history, Mr. John Lewis, a U.S. Congressman.



  1. Un vrai jardin de paradis :) et une très belle série.

  2. I know what you mean, luv. :-) Today I was out in my gardens, salvaging what remains from a goat ravaging, getting the ground ready for new plants. It was both exhausting and satisfying. :-)

  3. I am into succulents here too. They don´t require too much watering and the weeding is not too complicated :)