Friday, January 30, 2015

Waiting for.....

What are you waiting for?  Spring?

and what will you do with yourself in these doldrum days until it arrives?  Maybe this?

Or head over to this:  John Singer Sargent from the Tate Gallery in London and probably shortly to appear at the National Portrait Gallery.  More about that here.  (Kind of exciting I think.)

And could this video inspire you to take off in quite another direction altogether?  The pleating technology is so low tech but's the kind of thing that makes France great, no?  

Oh, and the colors are wonderful, no?  What could you do with a thousand hand tinted ribbons?

Happy February!


  1. Autant de petites choses pour rêver... Sympa la vidéo sur le plissage !!! Je te souhaite une bonne semaine.

  2. A thousand hand-tinted devotion to craft is mind-boggling. :-)

  3. both posie and sargent in one post. it is heaven, here. n♥