Thursday, November 17, 2011

11 Months Almost to the Day

Can't believe I took this picture on December 16, 2010.  No really.  WHERE DOES the time go?

Plans this weekend peeps?  Me?  One or two.  I'll catch you later and tell you all about it!  Make it good!


  1. yes fast! fast! fast! so let us... breathe... Have a joyful weekend! (love your previous post and this photo of flowers is really stunning! I love the white effect at the back.)

  2. Your photos are more and more breathtaking. Cherry trees, Sussex, market, now this. This is a moment of beauty that made me forget my stress of the day.

  3. Oh I know, I say "how time flies" so often, and does it ever...

    So MP, whatcha doing all mysterious and everything? Do tell with pics!

    Pour moi? Nada. Just hanging with the hus and the homie cats and watching the rain fall. xo

  4. I was just thinking about how incredibly fast time goes..scary! Enjoy your weekend!

  5. it is stunning. i bet you're an even better photographer 11 months later