Monday, November 28, 2011

Thanksgiving - Hawaiian Kine

Yeah, braddahs, our was real Hawaiian kine.

The sun was shining strong.  Auntie made her usual pies.

(Pumpkin flav-ah.)  Long lines formed for ham too, edamame salad, sweet potato and coconut.

Every kine stuffings.  Altogether kinda ono.  Rubbah slippahs left at the door........

 The tasty bits (turkey, not slippahs!) saved for Thanksgiving Dog.  (Jake!)

Long tables were laid.

Still plenty fowl to spare, after giant turkey polished off.  But still.......

............more waves to catch.  How was your Thanksgiving?


  1. Oh what a lovely Thanksgiving! :-) I didn't get to have Thanksgiving this year since I'm in Australia and they don't celebrate such things. But perhaps next year I'll put on a big spread for my Aussie friends and show them how it's done. :-)

  2. Dreaming of a sunny Christmas....

  3. Love the sepia photo of the long line for the feast! Looks like you had a wonderful thanksgiving!

  4. Hey sistah - you must miss it terribly. Good vibes all around I see, that's the Thanksgiving attitude...

    p.s. Now I see why it was hard to get my (Hawaiian-ish) grandmother to put on a pair of shoes :^)

  5. Un jour, j'espère vivre cette fête... qui reste pour l'heure un mystère pour moi ;)