Thursday, November 10, 2011

Thanks for the Fishes!

Would it spoil the tone if I told you that this artwork adorns the outsides of the public toilets on the beach in Venice? Doesn't it also remind you a little of Watts Towers that I posted about here?

What are you doing this weekend?  


  1. Those have got to be the coolest toilet decorations ever!! :-) This weekend I'm going to build a fence to keep ducks in, make a huge batch of lemon mint iced tea, and haul a big ol' load of garbage to the dump. :-)

  2. it wouldn't spoil anything, and i'm not surprised. i'd be staring at it, every time i'd pass. and i'd learn its pattern by heart, of course, without even trying...

  3. Fantastic! especially the fact that it adorns toilets!
    Hoping for a quite family weekend. I cooked Thai. Let's see!

  4. I think its location makes it even better. We need nice toilets!!!!

  5. Ditto what gesbi said, exactly!

    This weekend? Sat - a textile lecture at the Legion and Sunday a concert with friends (gypsy jazz).

    Et toi?


  6. They love fishes. It shows in their work.