Monday, November 14, 2011

Middlefarm - Sussex

Look at this pretty pretty place.

They sell pretty much a little of everything.  That could come from a farm.

But in the fall........

what you especially will find here is


Mr. Paradis never imagined that he could be so happy in such a quiet, old school place

in the middle of "nowhere".  With noone around.  But he was.

It's called "Middlefarm".  It's in Sussex.   On the way to Charleston.  Which I posted about here.


  1. pretty pretty indeed! love the feeling, the colors, the simplicity. Thank you for sharing this. Really... like putting us back in touch with reality.

  2. I think my first taste of cider in life should happen there. :)

  3. Oh how wonderful!! I adore freshly made cider, and it must taste absolutely heavenly in a place like this. :-)

  4. If I am ever on my way to Charleston I am stopping by. Thanks for the tip - I will write it down as a must-do... x