Saturday, November 12, 2011

I Need This Today Sepia

The gloomier days have arrived in L.A. and they are really getting me down.

You would probably have to say to me:  "You are so spoiled!"

And I would probably have to respond:  "You are NOT WRONG."


  1. No, you are not spoiled, it feels too soon for the grayness and cold. It seems like a very short fall season to me.

    Love the photo by the way. Looks like jolly ol' London town, yes? Happy weekend!

  2. moi aussi, je veux une brassée de fleurs… tout de suite! bon dimanche!

  3. Un bel é suis comme Swig j'ai envie d'une belle brassée de fleurs...bonne journée

  4. Oh how you brighten my day! Thank you!

  5. MAgnifique photo!! j'adore les couleurs

  6. Really lovely photo.
    Just thank your lucky stars you are not in England! Actually today has been quite nice, and I do love England but I don't like English winters. To be in the Caribbean from November - April would be PERFECT!
    On the other hand cold weather does lend itself to a nice glass of red wine, a warm fire, snuggling in, cashmere, roast chestnuts (or your delicious looking brussel sprouts) and generally stuffing yourself!